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Company History

The 10 year history of Spiral Cat Translations

Barbara Stanzl began translating for Art Sales Index while living on a house boat on the Thames. She then worked for the Tate in the Art Handling department which required a lot of work with international institutions using business language. During this whole time she was doing translations into English for German speaking artists who needed catalogue texts and other descriptive pieces.

Word of the high quality of the work which she was now doing, with the active involvement of a native English speaker, spread and she started to do regular translations for a Vienna based advertising agency. The agency had at the time a young and exciting client group and Barbara realised that she was enjoying translation more and more, and devoting more and more time to it.

She had moved to Vienna herself in the meantime and was doing in-house translations for another advertising agency when she decided to go it alone and set up in business for herself. Along with Brett Fitzpatrick she set up Spiral Cat Translations and her translation work became even more varied and interesting.



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